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Body of Knowledge

After years of working for other biotechnology companies, Susan Glasser has achieved her dream and opened her own research laboratory in the San Francisco Bay Area. Following numerous unsuccessful trials, she has finally gotten a positive result from a new biologic she is testing. But before she can assess her discovery, this brilliant but socially awkward research scientist finds her life upended by a series of unrelated events. Forced to confront and deal with problems well outside her areas of expertise and training, Susan must first figure out what is happening and then find a way to reclaim her life. Contemporary Fiction at its Literary Best!


Body of Knowledge

"An engaging, articulate, intelligent mystery with relentlessly building momentum. We meet Susan Glasser a kind, quirky biochemist when her greatest concerns are her dear mother, her beloved employees, and the precious animals in her lab. The pace quickens with each page until Susan is caught in a web spun by big pharma, paranoid government, and greedy narcissists. Matthews keeps us in Susan's hip pocket as she thinks her way through the dangerous puzzle that threatens not only her world, but yours and mine, too."

"Brims with insights into the cloaked world of biotech, where stakes are high—and not just for breakthroughs. In crystal-clear prose, Matthews takes us on a rollercoaster ride around the Bay Area, when a drug’s development unleashes a maelstrom, leaving a scientist with nothing but her wits."

    - Christine Evelyn Volker,

author of the award-winning book

Venetian Blood: Murder in a Sensuous City

- Ransom Stephens, author of

The 99% Solution

“A science-based plot and first-rate protagonist remain both plausible and riveting.” 

- Kirkus Reviews



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    ISBN Print 978-1-7320841-0-0
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A. M. Matthews lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and the family dog. Born and raised in Miami Beach she comes from a family of writers – some well-known, some not known at all. A. M. Matthews has always enjoyed creating and telling stories and is highly regarded for these abilities. After raising her children and a career in management, consulting and teaching, she decided to devote her time and energy to writing. Body of Knowledge is her first novel –  it is the book she always wanted to read. Currently, she is working on a second novel, also science fiction set in the biotechnology industry. You can contact her with comments or questions at PiggybackPress@hotmail.com



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